This was too easy.

This is really freaking me out. It Just Worked™, and now there’s a full-on WPMU instance on campus.

Sure, there is some work to be done – antispam strategy, cleaning up the front page/dashboard, and working on some support materials.

But, for an hour’s work? Not bad. Not bad at all.

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7 thoughts on “This was too easy.”

  1. It Just Worked™ is my favourite flavour! I’ve tried installing WPMU before in a sub-directory but it never worked. Have you ever tried installing it in a sub-directory?

  2. Haven’t tried subdirectory install. I was really quite surprised – this is the first time I installed an app where EVERYTHING worked, from registering a domain, setting up DNS, configuring apache, installing files, setting config, and populating database. Amazing.

  3. Oh boy! Looks like we are off to the races, and my back is just tingling thinking about what you will uncover, D’Arcy.

    Welcome to the light!

  4. Congrats on the bold move! How do you think this will all scale? I have no idea what the user population is, but we were a little put off by the dynamic publishing nature of WP — and you know it is what I use for my personal site. Keep me posted via an email when you get a chance. Great to see though.

  5. @Cole, in theory it should scale just fine. runs a variant of the same software, with 1.5 million blogs on the service. It won’t scale on one scavenged VM server, but if we need to, we can scale up.

    I’m also using WP-Cache to make it spit out static files rather than hitting the database every time it needs to generate a page. That alone should take almost all of the server load off, helping to scale quite a bit.

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