Sample Wiki Post


I’m testing out the WordPress-Wiki plugin, which allows people to set up blog posts and pages to act as wikis to be editable by all Authors and Contributors of a site, without having to mess around with roles and permissions, or giving everyone Editor or Admin status. Wonder how well it works…


cool. it tracks revisions, and generates the table of contents block automatically, as MediaWiki does. This could be verrrry useful.

Using Flickr Photos

If you’ve got a Flickr account, it’s now really simple to use your photos from Flickr and embed them in posts and pages on your site. I’ve just enabled a plugin that adds a Flickr media button above the editing form, like this (it’s the 2 dots, taken from the Flickr logo):

If you click that, you’ll be presented with a utility to select photos from your Flickr account:

You can search your own photos, or photos posted by other Flickr users. Once you select a photo, you can define the size and placement of the image using the controls provided:

and once selected, the Flickr photo is embedded in a post, like this:

dawn over the bow

Before using it, you’ll have to authorize to allow access to your Flickr account – it’s safe, and the plugin walks you through it in the Settings section of the WordPress Admin interface.

Just click the “Flickr authenticate” button, and a new browser window will open, where will ask if you authorize this connection between your blog and Flickr account. You can revoke this at any time, and it won’t add or edit anything on Flickr. If you approve this, just follow the instructions on that page, and close that browser window (or tab) when finished.

Then, just click the “Finish authenticate” button, so your blog will store your Flickr account ID.