March UCalgaryBlogs development plan

My UCalgaryBlogs-related to-do list for March (and likely trickling over into April):

  • fix the email problem so people can properly create accounts and get comment notifications again
  • finish rolling out the BuddyPress social network layer. It’s almost there (check out the network section on the front of UCalgaryBlogs, and the menu on the far left of the black top menubar)
  • wiki functionality – almost there (it’s enabled now – check the Wikis section of your site’s Dashbaord – you can use your UCalgaryBlogs site as a wiki! Very cool stuff. Just need to put together some documentation on that…)

Experimenting with BuddyPress

One of the biggest developments in the WordPress software field this year is the release of the first version of BuddyPress – a social network layer to run on top of WordPress MultiUser (the software that runs

The most compelling features of BuddyPress are the ability for members to create their own groups, and to follow activity of their “friends” across multiple blogsites without having to literally follow them to the other sites. It’s like a hybrid of WordPress and Facebook.

I’ll be testing it out for the next little while. If it works out, we’ll probably keep running it here, at least as a “side” blog if not as the “main” blog site for the service… feedback survey

I’m trying out a new Survey plugin, which will let you run surveys as part of your WordPress site here at – and thought it might be a good excuse to try to solicit some early feedback on the service itself.

If you have any feedback that isn’t captured in a checkbox in the survey, please feel free to post comments here.